Tuesday, October 18, 2011

China Glaze: Purple Panic

Yuck! What a wet Monday it has been in South Florida! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 

" Purple Panic " by China Glaze is a gorgeous bright neon pink with some blue-ish shimmers!  This baby sparkles beautifully in the light! I love it's fun and quirky tone--this is a real "stand out"shade! You most definitely need a topcoat or else is will dry like most other neons. 2 coats, seche vite topcoat.


  1. This color will help you get through the rain! Gorgeous and can brighten any day!

  2. I wear this one right now :D I just love it. It was one of the first China Glaze nailpolishes I bought, and I am still every happy with it.

  3. wooow, this color is crazy...I love it soo much!

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