Thursday, September 2, 2010

high hopes

hey ladies!

Sorry I've been kind of lost the past few days, my first week back at university has proved to be quite a handful! I guess I should look into doing some of those scheduled updates for yall! I hope all of you who are back to school have had a wonderful first week. I should be shipping out the prizes to my lovely winners this weekend as I have been so overwhelmed!
here is the ever gorgeous "high hopes" from the china glaze up and away collection. this color is so beautiful, as soon as I put it on it was instant happiness. It is super bright in real life, I guess the light box mutes it out a bit but it's a gorgeous bright coral color, almost reminds me of like guava or mamey something along those lines. Anyways, application was just lovely--this shown was 2 coats but really was great with one.

Till tomorrow girls, peace, love & polish :)


  1. Lovely color! :D I wish I could have more access to China Glaze at my country :s *
    take care :)

  2. I love the up and away collection! I always see this color but never pick it up... hmmmm.... I don't think I *need* it... maybe next summer!

    Good luck with this semester ;) !!


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